Benjamin Daae Frantzen
How does Gire help you in everyday life?
Gire gives me an overview of the overall customer relationship, as our customers greatly appreciate that much of the car sale takes place seamlessly, including pickup.
How do your customers experience the use of Gire?
Our customers rave about the service and give us top marks continuously.
Does your job get easier when you use Gire? Why?
When we use Gire, we are sure that the customer's car is delivered to the test centre, while at the same time that the customer gets a greater ownership of the service.
Can you sell more cars when you use Gire? Why?
The conversion of booked cars to sold cars is greater when we use Gire. The better and more complete the service is for our customers, the greater the chance that the customer will sell the car.
How satisfied are you with Gire as a partner and supplier?
My relationship with Gire as a partner and supplier is impeccable. Communication and response times are at a sky-high level.
What makes Gire a valuable partner for Nettbil?
Gire as a partner for Nettbil is essential. Our customers in Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Stavanger are in many cases dependent on having the car picked up as time is of the essence for families with small children with daily activities and work.
What in Gire's services gives Nettbil the most value?
The fact that Gire can pick up cars at short notice, as they do today, is in many cases the difference between a sale and a refusal.