Ove Arne Sønsteby
Aftermarket Director
What makes Gire a valuable partner for Toyota Økern?
Availability and flexibility towards the customer and that you are a partner we can trust 100% all the way. When you say yes, we know you can deliver!
What in Gire's service offering gives Toyota Økern the most value?
Customer flexibility, availability, and the loyalty pick up/deliver creates with customers
Why do you choose Gire over competitors/alternatives?
Flexibility and the availability it provides to customers. Here I would like to highlight the reliability and the quick response you have when we submit assignments.
What is the advantage of using Gire over others regarding the ordering process?
The booking portal is good, we also get good help from you when there is something out of the ordinary. This means that the system works well in everyday operations.
How satisfied are you with Gire as a partner and supplier?
Super satisfied - extremely high confidence in Gire, especially after the first round of tire changes of a large fleet customer. We were a little skeptical about how the large operation was going to go, but it went beyond all expectations.