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Olivia Johansen
Chief Operating Manager
From my perspective, AI is just another force in our industry. There are AI tools that help us find or build unique icons quicker, make predictions about eye fixation or can even write articles like this one.

AI is impressive, but still, the one who receives all of this content is human and that's why I feel pretty safe about my work.
If you build solutions or wireframes based on “benchmarks” only and “templates” without asking why and for who you are building the solution, you are like AI. You will “produce” something like User Journey Map, but it won't bring any real value.To make a change, you need to start taking responsibility for your work. There were a lot of articles already about quiet quitting in our industry.
I believe that part of the problem is not just about nice screens and filling up some persona templates. UX, Product, and Growth designers are hired mostly to bring more people to a product or keep them in the product for longer.
The truth may be tough and not always true but without business and money, you would not be hired as a designer in the first place. This truth is not easy to take for many, and I think this may be one of the reasons why there have been so many burnouts lately.