What makes Gire a valuable partner for Cupra
Normally, it takes 3-4 weeks from the time a Cupra arrives in Norway until the customer receives the car at their doorstep. Gire reduces that time to 10-14 days. This means that Cupra significantly increases its delivery output.
What aspect of Gire's service provides the greatest value for Cupra?
The time Gire saves in our delivery process.
How much costs do you save by using Gire compared to other transport providers?
It's difficult to quantify exactly, but we save by transporting cars on wheels compared to closed transport on trailers, and a significant amount when considering capital binding.
Why do you choose Gire over competitors/alternatives?
Gire is more flexible and cheaper for short distances.
What is the advantage of using Gire over others regarding the ordering process?
With Gire, Cupra can decide when the car should be picked up and delivered. This makes coordinating home delivery with the customer very easy.
How satisfied are you with Gire as a partner and supplier?
We are extremely satisfied and plan to scale the collaboration to more cities.