Kristian Melchior
What makes Gire a valuable partner for Rebil?
We use Gire to help us during peaks in our activity, which means that we are able to keep the time from car purchase to advertised to 3 days on average. For example, we experienced a large increase in activity in the summer of 2022, where 50-60 cars were left standing and we did not have the capacity to prepare them. Helping us solve this problem was the starting point of using Gire services
What part of Gire's service offering  gives Rebil the most value?
Since September, we have used Gire to pickup cars bought in cities other than Oslo. Here we have cut ~5 days. It has been crucial in a market with falling prices, to get the cars onto the market quickly.
How much do you save in costs by using Gire compared to other transport providers?
It costs around NOK 300 per day for an idle car. We think we can guarantee that we save an average of 3-4 days per transport by using Gire. You can then multiply that by the number of cars sold per year.
Why do you choose Gire over competitors/alternatives?
Because we save time, and home delivery is difficult using the alternatives.
How satisfied are you with Gire as a partner and supplier?
Very satisfied!